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Venom F-Seal Coupler Kit
Venom F-Seal Coupler Kit

This F-Seal gasket couples the intake bridge to the MAF unit more info

Proprietary MAF adapter for the C6-LS2 and C5-LS1 Halltech Killer Bee Conversion systems. No returns on electronics. more info
Halltech C6 Venom
Halltech C6 Venom™(2005-2007 LS2) includes Beehive Heat Shield

Halltech C6 Venom™ II is the direct replacement for the stock LS2 intake box.  Bolt on 15 RWHP/12 lbs ft torque with our all new design.  Now with a larger 106.7mm inlet and built in velocity stack, no other bolt on will make more power.  This intake is made from the same mold as the Killer Bee™ II that dynoed +15 HP/+14lbs-ft. on the Katech Engine Development Superflow dyno.  The same huge high flow K&N Filter will flow over 1250 cfm, and feeds over 900 HP easily.  This system uses the stock wiring, and MAF sensor for direct bolt on power that will not void your warranty.  The Halltech Beehive is included in our pricing.  We now include our HC.125 honeycomb flow straightener with your purchase.  No tuning required.  MAF sensor not included.  Not CARB legal. more info
Halltech C6 Killer Bee™ MF103 2005-2007 C6 LS2 Conversion Package
Halltech C6 Killer Bee™ MF103 2005-2007 C6 LS2 Conversion Package


Halltech's Killer Bee™ MF103 2005-2007 C6 LS2 Conversion Package will provide airflow to 950 HP on the Z06, so it may be overkill for the average LS2. The package includes:
  • the all new Killer Bee™ MF103 Cold Air Induction System designed for the Z06,
  • the probe style LS3 style probe MAF sensor,
  • the H108125 MAF adapter (3 pin w/ IAT to GT),
  • and the Halltech Beehive™ heat shield.
This package was on our company LS2 for many years, and over 40,000 miles, drag testing and road racing. It WORKS! This intake conversion TO THE LS7 MAF REQUIRES MAF TABLE CONVERSION. They may need to be tweaked a bit, but you will get the car running with our MAF calibration tables.

This system does not have the CA CARB certificate.
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