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Halltech's Customers do the talking for us.  These testimonials are real and repeatable and are a represent their results only:

Holy Halltech Horsepower!!
For those of you on the fence about modding your z with a tune and intake, Ive gotta say look no further than a killer bee/ halltech tune.

I just got back from a short 60 mile jaunt up to Jims house in Wisconsin, where despite him having to travel out east in a few days, he went out of his way to drop everything and work on my car.

In a matter of a couple hours, he had me on my way. His brother even fixed a problem I was having with my fender- very cool.

Everything that has been said about this package is true. Im not much of a dyno guy, so Ill tell you that seat-of-the-pants wise this thing pulls like a freakin freight train.

Thanks again Jim


Well, HIRISC asked for my feedback so here it is.

The software was easy to use and the download-upload went without a hitch. The Killer Bee
 intake was also easy to install, but the stock PVC breather tube was too long, and it is made of a very hard plastic which is problematic to trim. Jim was going to send me a modified tube to replace it, but then Katech came out with an excellent solution of using a different line and different routing which really solved the problem. Jim e-mailed me with this news (I had already read about it here), and I went to the auto parts store and got some hose. With the PVC breather tube inlet now at a 7 o'clock position instead of 10 o'clock, the whole installation even looks better than factory, with no tubing poking out of the top and running along (under) the plastic intake cover. Pictures of this are here (Halltech Killer Bee hose routing update):

Background: I had a 225HP Audi TT that I purchased a "chip" for. The thing cost $750 and I was unsure if it was worth it. Had to remove the ECM and solder in sockets and everything. It was supposed to add 25HP. I didn't think that was much, and was totally prepared to be underwhelmed. After the first drive I was blown away by the performance difference, absolutely could not believe how much difference it made. SO, when I had read all of the reviews about the Killer Bee
and Jim's tune, I thought I would give it a try.

How does it work?? If you have already done this to your car, then you already know. If you are considering doing this, and have the cash, then my opinion is - DO IT. This review is totally subjective, and I have no dyno results - others have already posted this. Also, I tend to be understate these things rather than overstate them. Adding 25HP to my 225HP Audi was certainly a bigger gain than adding 30HP to a 505HP engine. But the feeling was essentially the same. The car just wants to run. I had noticed as the weather got much warmer here in the north, that the car was not as responsive as it was earlier in the year. It now feels like I got all that back, and then some. The bottom line is that it is a very noticeable improvement across the range. There are plenty of other reviews you can read on this forum.

To me, all of this fits into the category of "mines bigger than yours". Do you really need to add 30 to 505? NO, BUT I WANT TO. This is an easy mod to do, is (relatively) inexpensive, and is considered SAFE to do. Also, it takes 10 minutes to reprogram back to stock if you choose. The finally thing that pushed me over the edge was the fact that Jim answered all my questions - no matter how long it took - and he was there after the sale to answer a few more as well. There are many other posts on this board giving him accolades and they are well deserved!

Put another one in the Dr. Feelgood column

Black Killer Bee  + Jim's tune = YOU BETTER HAVE LIFE INSURANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok so I installed the new Black Killer Bee and Jim's tune and This car got sideways from just rolling on the throttle in 1st gear at 3000 RPM, And the outside temp was 99 degrees. (the car would never do this unless is was 65 degrees or less before) I'm afraid to drive this car tonight after is cools off.

Thanks Jim

Dyno #'s Killer Bee  & NRP tune!:

Put the Z on the dyno today 260 miles on the clock. Halltech killer bee and tune from a local LSX shop NRP. 100 degrees outside temp it managed 481HP 447TQ! The car really feels ALIVE now!! Thanks Jim, and NRP!!
Finally put the C6Z on the rollers......Shocking Results:

Car has Jim Hall's Stage 1 tune (with tweaking), Halltech race filter, and 160 stat. That's it!!

Air last night was very good for Tampa, Florida. 55 deg, 45% humidity

Made 2 pulls to 7000 rpm with a 45-60 minute cool down in between.

Dynojet Peak Numbers;

Pull 1: 485.7 rwhp @ 6300 rpm, 456.6 ft-lbs @ 5100 rpm
Pull 2: 499.0 rwhp @ 6150 rpm, 469.3 ft.lbs @ 5100 rpm

Here is the link to the video and host thread;

Jim Hall is the Man
06' LeMans Blue Metallic Z06
11.868 at 126.49 MPH on Motor
96' Impala SS Stroked (401) and Sprayed LT4
11.847 at 114.32 MPH on Motor
1st stage NX fogger: 10.526 at 127.46
2nd Stage: ?

Halltech E-Mail Tune: Even a Caveman Can Do It

I ordered the Halltech E-Mail Tune last week (thanks for the special Jim!) and the hardware/software arrived promptly. I hooked it up to my laptop and plugged it in to my ECM port and downloaded my current stock file.

I e-mailed it to Jim and in less than 2 hrs. I had the Halltech tune in my e-mail box. I uploaded it to my Z06 and then did the 20 mile relearn drive.

What I immediately noticed is the much improved, rapid & crisp throttle response. The wheels will break in 2nd at the blip of the throttle. In comp mode there is a noticeable improvement in torque. (Very similar to my Viper).

The SOTP dyno feels much's like the car has come to life. I now have just over 100 miles on the tune and all is well. (No codes)

     Dynoed by our customers:

Halltech Stage 1 - another report

Just dynoed the car after installing Jim's F1 race filter and tune. Here are the comparison data. Both the stock and modified runs were done on LG Motorsports' Dynojet.

BONE STOCK ( 63 deg F ) ( 34% humidity )

Run ----- Oil T ----- H2O T ----- RWHP ----- RWTQ

1 -------- 149 ------ 198 -------- 456 ------- 424

2 -------- 158 ------ 210 -------- 463 ------- 431

3 -------- 153 ------ 205 -------- 458 ------- 431

F1 AIR FILTER AND HALLTECH TUNE ( 70 deg F ) ( 30% humidity )

Run ----- Oil T ----- H2O T ----- RWHP ----- RWTQ

4 *** invalid data (wheels spun on dyno) ***

5 -------- 167 ------ 214 -------- 484 ------- 446

6 -------- 156 ------ 203 -------- 481 ------- 453

Assuming the car has 505 FWHP, per Katech, then the stock data reflect a 90.69% flywheel-to-dyno rollers efficiency under these conditions, on this dyno. (throw out high and low, use 458 rwhp, so 458/505 = .9069)

Using the same efficiency factor for the modded runs, and using run 5 (the first run, which isn't posted, showed 486 hp / 344 tq - so I threw it out as the "high" and threw out run 6 as the "low") gives 534 FWHP / 492 FWTQ.

So, it looks like Jim's estimates on hp/tq gains are right on, as the car gained about 26 RWHP / 15 RWTQ (29 FWHP/17 FWTQ). The dyno sheets show roughly constant percentage hp and torque gains across the rpm range. (My 10 yr old says he can photograph and load them on the computer for me if he can find the cable for his camera. Boy does that make me feel old and stupid. )

My SOTP impression is more low end torque (better partial throttle response). I can't tell much difference on the high end. But I think that's because in the days / weeks before the mods it was in the low 40s, so the ECM wasn't pulling timing or adding fuel, and the streets and tires were cold = whoa! I'm sure the real SOTP difference will be when it's 90+ deg this summer, when the stock ECM program usually pulls like 30 hp "just to be safe."

And the CAGS defeat is a real plus.

30 ponies / 17 ft-lbs. Way to go, Jim!

And a very special thanks to LG Motorsports - Bobby (very nice Cobra!), Anthony, Sean, and Lou (wherever he is). You guys run a first rate shop.

- Dave

"So, my wife and I decided to download the new CA spec 474RWHP file, which installed without a hitch.  Oh My God!  It feels markedly stronger than than the one you sent yesterday--not that I could tell that much difference at peak because things were already happening pretty fast with yesterday's file, but through 4K, 5K and 6K it pulls second and third gear so strong, that it feels like there's substantial increases through there in torque/hp.  Second gear was definitely testing the limits of traction control (which I had kept engaged for today's drive).  I'm pretty sure it will power spin the wheels in second gear at 4500-6000, like it does in first.  Even my wife commented that the car felt even stronger today than it did yesterday with the first set of files you sent." 


Halltech Tune & Filter Results


Finally got around to installing the Halltech tune and filter for my VR Z and was very surprised at the results. The SOTP feel difference is very noticeable and borderline L-88 with 4.11 gear feel. My younger brother drove one of these animals for a few years and finally became too much trouble to drive in bad weather and around town.

Getting back to my Z, Jim was quite patient as he walked me through the install and most helpful. I am now positive as to the reason there are so many anti-lunatic GM software power management roadblocks built in to this car. This tune clearly illustrates what this car will do to rear tire wear, driveline shock, parts destruction, etc. On the other hand, if you have driven vehicles with power close to this animal, you know (or are pretty sure) just about how much of this trigger you can pull before you find yourself facing traffic and stalling your car.

But, know that I have tasted this kind of power only encouraged me to order some more power adders (more trigger draw). I now routinely scare the piss out of the few select passengers that have ridden in the car. Do I believe that this is worth approx. 25 HP at the rear - I don't have one doubt about it. This easily the best "bang for the buck" for the Vette owner that really does not want to permanently alter the car in a way that "Joe six-pack" can see from across the street.

"I don't post very often, but for this I must.
I just installed the Halltech Stage 1, Absolutely the most bang for the buck. Installed the air filter, installed the program, (very easy with the help of Jim). Drove it for 20 miles. A large noticeable increase in torque and usable power, 1st gear is now to play with, 2nd gear is just great fun. IMO it makes this car do what it was designed to do. No dyno, but grandma could tell the difference.

I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone that wants the most bang for the buck. And you can set it back, if the time comes that it has to go for any type of warranty, or reprogramming by the dealer."


"I put about fifty miles on the car since I installed the ECM prog. - what a difference!!!  Drivability is noticeably improved and definitely a big diff in the SOTP at the lower end.  I feel that this tune has made the biggest difference in an already serious missile of a car.   Thanks for all of your help. 
Albert Alvarado - another very satisfied customer."

"I'm the guy with the tune and filter.

My car is an 07 and went 11.34 @125.00 on f-1's in Florida heat and humidity w/ Jim Hall behind the tuning. Many people saw the run. C5frank was on hand. Ive been drag racing manuals for 17 years. the car picked up just over 2 tenths and two miles an hour! all runs done same week.

"The tune and filter feels like a different machine, simply awesome."

Besides the track, the feel on the street is brutal. Blows the tires away from a 1500 rpm blast from a first gear roll. This car never did this. It is making more power period. Any questions fire away"....................



 Halltech tune after the mods--impressions:
I just got the tune loaded this AM, and w/ the American Racing headers/X-pipe/HiFlow cats, F1 filter, AirCharger & 160 T-stat--the tune was the exclamation point on the whole install...

The car feels almost violently fast now, compared to just fast before. It will break traction rolling into 1st gear, where I'd need to stab it before & it would not do it @ all stock. The tires are still very fresh, so it's pure power that's causing it.
The sensation over stock is akin to adding short gears. All this w/ 87 degree temps (it's still hot here in FL)

I'm hoping It picked up approx 40/40 total over bone-stock (480/457ish)--it certainly feels like it.
I will re-dyno it @ the same dyno (SGC) soon. I'll also load the stock tune back up to see how much the tune really helped. The overall drivability was improved as well.
Also, Jim included summer/winter tunes, @ my request for the brutal summers here.

I'm very pleased w/ the Halltech Stage 1 package & would recommend it--especially w/ mods and you want the flexibility of loading/unloading the tune (dealer etc)."

Thanks Jim
George B.

Rick Hollenback, Synergy Motorsports-"Hi Jim, thank you again for sending us one of your F1 race filters. I must say this is the second time we have used it and it’s awesome. This is the best filter so far. Our test car belongs to John Palomino. I am sure you remember sending him your other filter last week. Here are some more stage 2 numbers from another customers car. On this particular car we did some testing for Jim Hall over at Halltech on his filter setups. We started off by dynoing the car bone stock. The car did 469hp and 445TQ. Not bad. After the install of our stage 2 package and Halltech's LS900 filter, the car went 544hp and 502TQ. Not bad for 102*dyno room temps. I cant imagine what this car would do with 20* cooler air. Now here is the cool part. We then swapped out Jims filter with his new F1 RACE filter and gained 10-12hp right off the bat. So now the car screams with ~558 rwhp and 507 rw TQ. I must say that our Stage 2 package will now consist of Jim Hall's F1 filter as the new addition to the package." The dyno:.

This is Howard at Redline Motorsports!!-"Finally got a couple filters in from Jim today at Halltech. All I can say is that its a nice kick in the pants! The stock filter is so bad its quite amazing.  The car pulls real hard with this filter all over the rpm range.  For the money its a must. This week I am going to do some controlled dyno testing to back up the SOTP meter.  If I had to guess 10-15 all day long.  Nice job Jim!"

Yousuf H.-"I've upgrade my car's ECM with the tuned file (stock filter) that you've sent; and let me tell you the car gone "mad"!! ... Seriously the feeling is brutal and I love it. "

"Gentlemen, I have ordered Halltech Stage I tuning package and just finished my 5th day of experimenting with it.
All that I can say ....
It's plain "Savagery" ... never thought the tune by itself could add such a brutal excitement to an already exciting Car.  The last couple of days here in Dubai been very hot (+110 F); even though the heat didn’t feel like having much of a toll on the tune."  Jim, I'm still waiting for my F1 Race filter ... to further enrich the experience."

Pete B.-506/480 (standard)
496 RWHP/471 RWT (SAE)
"Their air/fuel didn't work tonight. Are these the #s you'd expect?
Thanks for your help." (Halltech Stage 1 and LG Headers)

Walter S.-" I did the Halltech Stage 1 Package.  I finished the installation of the F1 filter and Halltech Programming, which was an easy install, a bit doubtful at first thinking, it can't help that much.   I must say, I was very surprised it ran like a different car at wide open throttle, the SOTP meter was off the charts, really, it feels like a 100 shot of nitrous.  For the money, it's a bargain"

First Mods Gain 26rwhp 16tq

Dale P.-"Reporting in on my first set of Modification to my Z06:

  Dyno comparing the stock filter and stock tune to Halltech's Stage 1

I installed an Air-Charger CIA at about 6,000, Halltech UPS tune at 7,000, and at 13,000 received my F-1 filter from Halltech.  Baseline with stable temps 175 oil, 196 water 51 air temp on DynoJet:450rwhp 420rwtq This was mid Feb., with 5,000 miles on car no Mods). This was average pull, best was 454.8rwhp with cooler temps.  Today: With stable temps 180 oil, 200 water, air temp 79 same DynoJet:
476rwhp 436rwtq car shows 13,651 miles on OD.  These pulls were with hood down, monitoring intake temp with IR hand held meter (for stability), oil and water temps read from DIC. It seemed that a stable intake temp of around 120 produced best results starting pull temp).

First mod! F1 Filter from Halltech. Wow!:

"This is my first mod to any of my Z06's. The filter feels great.  Feels better when running thru gears at part gas. I feel less lag between shifts. Seems to rev to 7000 easier! I love the new mod. You pay $189.00 for R&D not material. But it works."

Halltech's  Stage 1 Package = 26 RWHP/16 ft. lbs torque! F1P30Z FOAMICOMB ™FILTER and Halltech's Custom LS2Edit Hardware and Software Package  includes 3 custom flash files-emailed to you and two free updated programs!