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C5 Killer Bee™ Conversion Package Halltech C5 Killer Bee™ II 2001-2004 C5 LS6/LS1 Conversion Package

Halltech C5 Killer Bee™ Conversion Package for the 2001-2004 C5 LS Series
Halltech High Flow Killer Bee™ II induction intake
Halltech Super Bee 15" 950 cfm filter with velocity stack
Provision for your A.I.R. Pump if required (default is delete)
Halltech H108124
Adapter Hi-Density Small 5 pin to GT harness
GM new MAF sensor (probe style from the LS7/LS3)
Halltech tested MAF tables for the ECM- Please email for the Excel tables
Test results
Facts: expect to gain +24 HP (see attached dyno) vs. the stock intake and +12 RWHP over the Vararam (see dyno) The Halltech Killer Bee™ II 2001-2004 C6 LS1/LS6 Conversion Package will provide airflow to 800 HP on the LS6/LS1, so it may be overkill for the average LS6. The package includes the all new C5 Killer Bee™ II Cold Air Induction System designed originally for the C6Z06, and includes our H108124 Hi-Density Small 5 pin to GT harness, and the probe style LS7 MAF sensor, Reprogramming the MAF curve is not optional since the new probe style MAF requires a totally different curve. We will make the MAF transfer curve tables available free of charge. They may need to be tweaked a bit, but you will get the car running with our MAF calibration tables.

Halltech C5 Venom™ & Honeycomb Screen (2001-2004 LS1/LS6 only) Halltech C5 Venom™ & Honeycomb Screen (2001-2004 LS1/LS6 only)

Halltech's C5 Venom™ II, cut from the cloth of the all new Killer Bee™ II Z06 Cold Air Induction System this second generation intake flows more air than any induction system on the market.  It utilizes the stock Mass Air Flow sensor for easy installation and seamless smooth response on the street or at the track.  Starting with the Super Bee™ II 15" wide Halltech filter with a built in velocity stack flange, the actual changes to our mold design have increased flow to the throttle body.  The filter is designed by Halltech but made by K&N exclusively for Halltech's Super Bee™ II  The bridge is also made from the new KB II mold which dynoed over 13 HP on the Katech Engine Dyno.  Fits 2001-2004 Corvette C5 LS1 and LS6.  The MAF sensor shown is not included, but we do provide our laminar flow screen with higher flow than the stock LS1 screen.  Use your stock MAF, elbow for the A.I.R. pump and wire harness.

Halltech TunnelPort Halltech TunnelPort

Halltech TunnelPort is the first step in opening up cold air to your C5. This is legal only in states without a front license plate law, as it replaces the front license plate.

Track only for those states. It is possible to open up more of the fascia area, running this cold air into the Halltech Killer Bee II blade MAF Conversion Package.

  • Upgrade to a Carbon fiber clear, but it can be sanded, primed, and paint-matched to your car.
  • Advertised price is the black gel-coat fiberglass version
  • Separate screen always included, or preinstalled for a small fee.

Allow 1-2 weeks for shipment. Custom orders, no refunds except for shipping damage.

Halltech KILLER BEE / VENOM Replacement Bridge only Halltech KILLER BEE / VENOM Replacement Bridge only

Replacement KILLER BEE / VENOM bridge.  Select correct version at checkout.


MAF adapter harness for our C6-LS2 (05-07) and our C5-LS6 (01-04) Halltech Killer Bee Conversion systems. No returns on electronics.

Venom Hose Kit Venom Hose Kit

C5 LS1/LS6 01-04 VENOM transition hose.

  • includes stainless steel hose clamps
  • approx hose length of 2.25"
  • internal hose diameter of 3.75"
  • includes notch that keys into your Delphi MAF sensor

Halltech Honeycomb™1/8" Cell Laminar Flow Straightener Halltech Honeycomb™1/8" Cell Laminar Flow Straightener

Halltech Honeycomb 1/8" Cell Laminar Flow Straightener is a direct 1 minute plug and play high flow straightener designed for the C5 Corvette style Delphi MAF meter; It also fits the 2005-2007 C6 base car LS2 (not the LS7). This unit will eliminate lean codes on the 2001-2004 C5 Z06 in all aftermarket intake applications. It can also replace the 1/16" honeycell on the LS1-LS2 MAF, which is very restrictive. (See Larger Pics section) These aluminum honeycomb screens are very fragile and cannot be returned.

Interestingly, this eliminates lean codes on many intakes made by Vararam, and other turbulent bottom breathers. The two MAFs shown in the picture are for illustration of stock vs. our honeycomb flow straightener. You are purchasing only the honeycomb and using your stock MAF meter.

  • Fits ALL Delphi 85 MAF sensors
  • Completely eliminates lead codes common with aftermarket intakes when used on the C5 Z06
  • Eliminates surging caused by turbulence at the MAF on the 01-04 C5 Z06
  • 3 3/4" diameter, aluminum honeycomb structure
  • Easy to install in 1 minute (click LINK for instructions)


Venom F-Seal Coupler Kit Venom F-Seal Coupler Kit

This F-Seal gasket couples the intake bridge to the MAF unit