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The RX is the newest member of our popular STINGER intake series. It's been carefully upgraded with a strategically placed mid-connector-hose to allow for further eXtension and fleXibility, without sacrificing critical air flow.

The snout section on the Magnuson 2650 for the LT4 is modular. The standard snout accepts the factory t/b. The 103mm upgrade allows use of a 103mm t/b. Please specify which t/b transition hose you need during checkout.

Additional holes may need to be strategically added to the intake if you are using a dual nozzle meth kit, in lieu of an expensive fuel system.

All systems now ship with our new dry nano filter, private labeled exclusively for Halltech by TKO (makers of the Attack Blue filter).

NOTE: the f-panel seal referenced in the Stringer RZ06 installation video is not needed and is thus no longer provided in the kit (you can ignore this step in the instructions).

Halltech STINGER-RX Replacement Bridge (with hose) Halltech STINGER-RX Replacement Bridge (with hose)

Replacement STINGER-RX bridge with mid-connector hose)

Halltech STINGER filter box Halltech STINGER filter box

Replacement STINGER Filter Box, with grommet for filter hose clamp access