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Stinger Trim Kit Stinger Trim Kit

This custom Trim Kit comes with the gasket that seals your Halltech Stinger intake tube from your filter box, as well as the o-ring to keep in in place (and in shape)

Venom F-Seal Coupler Kit Venom F-Seal Coupler Kit

This F-Seal gasket couples the intake bridge to the MAF unit

Beehive Trim Kit Beehive Trim Kit

Missing parts of your Beehive Trim?  This kit includes:

  • 2 shroud fasteners,
  • a long length of gasket seal,
  • and two short lengths of edge trim

Stinger Hardware Kit Stinger Hardware Kit

This install kit comes with all the minor components for our popular Stinger series of intakes. Kit includes:

  • 6" x 4" aluminized heat shield
  • zip ties
  • MAF hardware and allen wrench
  • stop-leak pull plugs
  • hose line and clamp