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The Halltech DRED carbon fiber hood is back. Light? 15lbs or less depending on configuration. We make these to order, so once you pay, you cannot cancel the order. Lower you water temps by 20F. Weight off the front end will translate into more speed at the track.
Configuration: All pre-preg carbon fiber. Our mold was taken off of a C6 ZR1 hood, with CFV on the bottom side, and CFV from the waterfall to the windshield. Top sides are primered so that you can paint match them. Sale ends 11-3-2018, Order today and you will be the first to get your hood. Takes 2 to 3 weeks.
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The oven is on again! We are making this iconic hood again! The material is 100% carbon fiber Formula 1 type pre-impregnated for the lightest hood and strongest hood possible. Finish will be CFV on the bottom or visible carbon fiber gloss, like the ZR1. The top will have CFV from the bottom of the waterfall all the way back to the end of the hood by the windshield. The sides and front will be primered over the carbon fiber for your paint shop to begin to paint match the hood. Boxing is $125.00, and delivery is by commercial truck only to a commercial address. We are approximately 3 weeks out. First to purchase will start the delivery cue. No exceptions to our cue. We will try to provide the best estimate of delivery possible.The brackets for mounting come from Pratt and Miller Racing. We have the breakaway metal that allows the hood to snap in half in the event of a head on collision, thereby preventing decapitation. OEM standards completely. We do not paint hoods at Halltech. Pickup will save boxing ($125.00) and shipping, which is determined at the time of shipment. Call Jim Hall at his cell, which you can get from Camryn at our shop. 920-245-2034
This functional hood allows your thermostat to really work. When we drove our ULZ735 to have the hood mounted, our water temps ran around 185 to 190F. After hood installation, the same day, the water temps dropped to 165F to 175F.