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  • Super Bee™ MF103 Installing the MAF and screws

    This is the Halltech Super Bee MF1707R designed for the C6 Z06 that has goles of racing, engine and tranny mods, that aftermarket intake, headers, mufflers to bring out the beast in the Z06.  The Halltech Super Bee  MF107R is our plastic clone of the FG102 made for the larger motors needed ever ounce of hp.  The MF107R has a MAF read area of 106.7 at the ingress and egress for serious airflow to the throttle body.  Expect 13 to 14 rwhp without tuning of any kind.  Tuning is completly optional bit woll enhance power by around 20 hp.  MAF forward design, high flow, low Resistance to flow make the Super Bee the right choice for you C6.