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Halltech Super Hornet  (C8 Z06) pre-order list Halltech Super Hornet (C8 Z06) pre-order list

Introducing the patent pending HALLTECH SUPER HORNET ... Halltech's C8 Corvette Z06 cold air intake. Purchase this $0 item to get on the official preorder list.

  • Will require no modifications and no tuning.
  • The stainless backplate ensures all harness fasteners and the antenna are attached in their factory locations.
  • You will reuse your stock t/b connector hoses, left and right inlet ducts, and mounting bolts.
  • Our huge filters have over 600 square inches of filtration. 3 filter options will be available (Bumble Blue dry filter, Red Bee oiled filter, or gray Murder Hornet race filter)
  • Our molded-in velocity stacks and reverse flow funnels ensures laminar flow at both MAF sensors
  • filter box is made from military grade XLPE
  • patent pending
  • engineered and designed for the C8 Z06
Halltech does not have a CA EO number for this induction system, which means it is not legal for sale in CA, unless used in off-road application, such as track racing.

Hornet Hardware Kit Hornet Hardware Kit

This install kit comes with all the components for our C8 Hornet series of intakes. Kit includes:

  • inlet duct gaskets
  • spare panel mount zip ties
  • MAF hardware and allen wrench
  • trunk-side mounting washers
  • assembly hardware

Halltech Kevlar 24" Insulative Sleeve Halltech Kevlar 24" Insulative Sleeve

Halltech black Kevlar® 24" heat barrier sleeve to completely insulate any of our Halltech intake tubes. Isolates the IAT flow from the hot under hood air temps. The 24" length is enough to also cover the throttle body hose. Just cut a slit to access the MAF sensor and/or PCV fitting locations.

2-ply seamless construction for maximum heat resistance. The Kevlar fiber provides high tensile strength relative to its weight. Will not melt, ignite, or conduct electricity.

This product works as advertised. 30 minutes of normal driving, and one hot run to 130 mph (70°F ambient) saw 70°F IATs during the whole test, except after the 130 mph test, with a 60 second idle directly after. IATs went up to 78°F, or +8°F over ambient, then went back down to 72°F after 1 more block of driving.


Halltech Hornet Replacement Filter Halltech Hornet Replacement Filter

Hornet replacement filter. This is our PROPRIETARY dry nano media filter made exclusively for Halltech by Attack Blue. It fits the Halltech C8 Hornet intake system. No returns on filters. This filter will not fit other C8 systems, of this we are sure. This 10"x16" obround filter has a huge filtered area of over 600 square inches (the stock C8 filter actually fits inside our filter).

  • Layers of pleated cotton filter media act as a physical barrier to contaminants, with pleats specifically engineered to provide a large capturing area. The nano technology helps trap, and hold, dirt and contaminants, keeping them in the filter and out of your engine. Pleated mesh protects both sides of the cotton filter media and provides a sturdy structure for long-lasting durability.
  • The filters are washable and reusable and should always be cleaned following Attack Blue's cleaning instructions.
Additional filter options from S&B coming soon.