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Halltech 2014-2019 C7 Stingray LT1 Halltech 2014-2019 C7 Stingray LT1

Halltech's 2014-2020 Corvette Stingray (and Grand Sport) cold air intake. Please determine how many PCV lines in your application. GM started using 1 PCV in 2017, but we see many 17s-19s with two PCV lines. This is critical information to avoid returns.

All systems now ship with our new dry nano filter, private labeled exclusively for Halltech by TKO (makers of the Attack Blue filter).

NOTE: the f-panel seal referenced in the installation video is not needed and is thus no longer provided in the kit (you can ignore this step in the instructions).

Halltech does not have a CA EO number for this induction system, which means it is not legal for sale in CA, unless used in off-road application, such as track racing.


Halltech STINGER filter box Halltech STINGER filter box

Replacement STINGER Filter Box, with grommet for filter hose clamp access

Halltech STINGER-R Replacement Bridge only Halltech STINGER-R Replacement Bridge only

Replacement STINGER-R bridge.  Select PCV information at checkout.

Halltech Stinger™- Super Flow Blu Filter Halltech Stinger™- Super Flow Blu Filter

This is our PROPRIETARY dry nano media filter made exclusively for Halltech by Attack Blue. It fits all C7 Halltech Stinger intake systems


Halltech Stinger Hump Hose Halltech Stinger Hump Hose

Proprietary Halltech throttle body hump-hose with molded-in PCV fitting connection.

  • ID on intake side is approx 4". ID on t/b side is approx 3.75"
  • Includes two stainless steel hose clamps.
  • PCV fitting available during checkout, if needed.
  • Make sure to request the added notch if you need it for our C6 Venom V2026 (05-07 LS2) System

Stinger Hardware Kit Stinger Hardware Kit

This install kit comes with all the minor components for our popular Stinger series of intakes. Kit includes:

  • 6" x 4" aluminized heat shield
  • zip ties
  • MAF hardware and hex key
  • hose line and clamps

Stinger R1-to-R2 conversion hardware Stinger R1-to-R2 conversion hardware

Drill a 5/8" hole at the specified location on your Stinger R1 bridge, and add this hardware to convert it to a Stinger R2. Simple as that!

Some images show the GM fitting, but you will actually receive Halltech's new carbon fiber infused nylon fitting

Stinger Trim Kit Stinger Trim Kit

This custom Trim Kit comes with the gasket that seals your Halltech Stinger intake tube from your filter box, as well as the o-ring to keep in in place (and in shape)