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Halltech MF108 breaks into the 9s

Halltech Stinger CKNZ
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2014-2017 HALLTECH C7 Z06 AND C7 STINGRAY INSTALLATION (COMPLETE W/STOCK UNINSTALL) Halltech Stinger-R F-Panel Opening Seal Instructions
Halltech Stinger-RZ Engine Bay Preparation Halltech Stinger-RZ intake tube to throttle body alignment
Halltech Stinger-RZ throttle body alignment in situate Halltech Stinger-RZ, Stinger-R, Killer Bee MAF screws
Halltech Stinger-CKNZ Installation Instruction PDF Halltech Beehive Installation
C5 Killer Bee II MAF Conversion Table from Delphi 85 to Hitachi G8 (by Lingenfelter) C6 SUPER BEE LS2 MAF Conversion Tables-Delphi 85 to Hitachi G8 sensor
Halltech Beehive Ram Air cutouts for the LS3 without the NACA duct Halltech C6 Venom Installation (2005-2007)
Halltech Super Bee CF112 MAF Curve Tables Installing the Beehive on the Edelbrock Supercharger
2014 Corvette Stingray StingerCKN Installation C6 ECM Replacement
C6 Jacking Instructions 2010-2019 Camaro SS LS3 Installation
Halltech Carbon CTS-V Stinger Installation Link Halltech Honeycomb Laminar Screen Installation
Super Bee™ MF103 Installing the MAF and screws Super Bee™ MF103 Installation in the LS3
Katech PCV Fix Z06 Camaro Yellow Jacket Install
Filter Cleaning Instructions
VIDEO 1: C6 Corvette LS3 Long Term Fuel Trim Averages (LTFTs) Stock vs. Halltech Super Bee MF103

VIDEO 2: C6 Corvette LS3 Long Term Fuel Trim Averages (LTFTs) Stock vs. Halltech Killer Bee II

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Halltech Stinger™-689 cfm Super Flow Filter
Halltech Stinger™-689 cfm Super Flow Filter

Halltech Stinger 689 cfm Super Filter for the C7 StingerCKN, Hybrid, and Camaro Yellow Jacket intakes.  Super Flow bench testing by K&N engineering for Halltech. more info