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Halltech Nomex Cloth Sock 17"
Halltech Nomex Cloth Sock 17"
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Halltech Black Nomex®-IIIA Cloth Sock 17" to completely insulate your Halltech Stinger-RZ intake tube and the Halltech MF103 or MF108 C6 Intakes. Isolates the IAT flow from the hot underhood air temps. This Nomex sock is not necessary when purchasing our Carbon Fiber intakes as we integrate the Nomex sock in between the carbon fiber layers.

This product works as advertised. 30 minutes of normal driving, and one hot run to 130 mph (70 ambient) saw 70 degree IATs during the whole test, except after the 130 mph test, with a 60 second idle directly after. IATs went up to 78F, or +8 degrees over ambient, then went back down to 72F after 1 more block of driving.
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Halltech Stinger™-689 cfm Super Flow Filter
Halltech Stinger™-689 cfm Super Flow Filter
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Halltech Stinger 689 cfm Super Filter for the C7 StingerCKN, Hybrid, and Camaro Yellow Jacket intakes.  Super Flow bench testing by K&N engineering for Halltech. more info