Halltech C7 Z06 Stinger-RZ CAI

Halltech MF108 breaks into the 9s

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Halltech Stinger CKNZ


Halltech World Record ULZ715 (weight/power 3.88lbs/hp) World Record 1/4 mile ZR1 & Z06 with Halltech Ram Air Induction

Untitled Document Halltech's Killer Bee MF107R induction sets a new World Record at 9.87 @ 138.70 mph with "bolt ons" Andy Pilgrim of Cadillac Racing driving the Halltech C7 Z07 at the Joliet Autobahn Country Club Track

Halltech 2014-2016 Corvette C7 Stinger™-R Induction-Now In Stock
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Halltech C7 Stingray Stinger-R cold air induction system.
Halltech Killer Bee™ MF108 Ram Air Induction C6 Z06 LS7 (06-13)
NEW WORLD RECORD BOLT ON ONLY Z06 DRIVEN BY GARY HILLEN RUNS 9.97@137.72 mph 1/4 mile with the Halltech Killer Bee™ MF108R onboard.  Gary's previous record of 10.10 was run with the Halltech Killer Bee onboard.  The Killer Bee™ MF108R requires TUNING (MAF table recal).   The MF108R has better than stock LS3 idle manners due to the MAF forward design and integrated velocity stack built into the filter flange.   How does it perform on an LS3?  How about 10.67 @129!  Cam and bolt ons only.

This cold air intake system is as close to ram air as you can get, and does not require MAF or other recalibration that is necessary with most other intakes.
Halltech's C5 Venom™ II, cut from the cloth of the all new Killer Bee™ II Z06 Cold Air Induction System this second generation intake flows more air than any induction system on the market.  It utilizes the stock Mass Air Flow sensor for easy installation and seamless smooth response on the street or at the track.  Starting with the Super Bee™ II 15" wide Halltech filter with a built in velocity stack flange, the actual changes to our mold design have increased flow to the throttle body.  The filter is designed by Halltech but made by K&N exclusively for Halltech's Super Bee™ II  The bridge is also made from the new KB II mold which dynoed over 13 HP on the Katech Engine Dyno.  Fits 2001-2004 Corvette C5 LS1 and LS6.  The MAF sensor shown is not included, but we do provide our laminar flow screen with higher flow than the stock LS1 screen.  Use your stock MAF, elbow for the A.I.R. pump and wire harness.
Halltech Killer Bee™™MF103R Ram Air Induction
The MF103 is our Plug and Play induction system for the LS3 and LS7. It is designed to require no additional tuning, but if you tune your car, expect 31 to 35 RWHP total with the MF103R.
Halltech C6 Venom
Halltech C6 Venom™ II is the direct replacement for the stock LS2 intake box.  Bolt on 15 RWHP/12 lbs ft torque with our all new design.  Now with a larger 106.7mm inlet and built in velocity stack, no other bolt on will make more power.  This intake is made from the same mold as the Killer Bee™ II that dynoed +15 HP/+14lbs-ft. on the Katech Engine Development Superflow dyno.  The same huge high flow K&N Filter will flow over 1250 cfm, and feeds over 900 HP easily.  This system uses the stock wiring, and MAF sensor for direct bolt on power that will not void your warranty.  The Halltech Beehive is included in our pricing.  We now include our HC.125 honeycomb flow straightener with your purchase.  No tuning required.  MAF sensor not included.  Not CARB legal.
Halltech Killer Bee™ MF108R
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Halltech Killer Bee MF108R is the world champ induction system for your LS7 or LS3.  CAD designed, Red XLPE poly construction, bronze 8-32 nutcerts, coming out of our all new 7075T6 billet mold for a perfect red finish to match your LS7 Fuel Rail Covers.  This intake has recently laid down 615.2 RWHP/580.4lb-ft torque on the Lethal Racing dyno.  It helped two competitors run 9.97 @137.42 for a bolt on only Z06, and 9.82 for a bolt on Z06 with a cam only, stock heads.  Want more?  So do we, so get in line for yours.  We will be testing this intake soon along side the new MSD intake manifold.  Order today, and expect delivery right after Thanksgiving.  We include the Williams Performance Throttle Body hose, which also fits the stock throttle body.  Re-translating the MAF code is imperative.  Now with 316 Stainless Steel 8-32 MAF screws and washers.  The picture is not the MF108R, but is a close representation of the bridge.  This intake comes in Black as well.  Just indicate your preference in comments. Will not fit the C6 Z07 Carbon Edition.
C5 Killer Bee™ Conversion Package
Halltech C5 Killer Bee™ Conversion Package:
Halltech High Flow Killer Bee™ II induction intake
Halltech Super Bee 15" 950 cfm filter with velocity stack
Provision for your A.I.R. Pump if required (default is delete)
Adapter Hi-Density Small 5 pin to GT Pigtail
GM new MAF sensor (probe style from the LS7/LS3)
Halltech tested MAF tables for the ECM
Test results
Facts: expect to gain +24 HP (see attached dyno) vs. the stock intake and +12 RWHP over the Vararam (see dyno) The Halltech Killer Bee™ II 2001-2004 C6 LS1/LS6 Conversion Package will provide airflow to 800 HP on the LS6/LS1, so it may be overkill for the average LS6. The package includes the all new C5 Killer Bee™ II Cold Air Induction System designed originally for the C6Z06, and includes the MAF Adapter Hi-Density Small 5 pin to GT Pigtail and the Delphi LS7 MAF sensor, Reprogramming the MAF curve is not optional since the new probe style MAF requires a totally different curve. We will make the Lingenfelter MAF transfer curve tables available free of charge. They may need to be tweaked a bit, but you will get the car running with our MAF calibration tables. Hib Halverson article: http://forums.corvetteforum.com/c5-z06-discussion...
Halltech Insultherm UltraFlexx Pro Radiator Hose Sleeve (1 ft) is the way to keep radiator hose heat away from your intake system. Radiated heat from the two hoses directly under the C7 or C6 stock intake eventually take their toll on intake air temps by heat-soaking your induction system. On the C7, radiator heat coming from 3/4 of the radiator heat-soak everything under the hood, so you can see the benefit of shielding the radiator hoses. Provides full coverage and protection on even the most exposed applications. Cuts easily with regular scissors and the smooth surface eases installation even over long runs. The fiberglass construction allows slight expansion to accommodate irregular surfaces and tight turns.
UltraFlexx Pro will protect your application in temperatures up to 1200F. Radiator hose size 1.5" to 2.00" o.d. Sold by the ft. Add 2 for 2', 3 for 3' etc.Natural color. Radiator hoses must be disconnected to install this sleeve.
Halltech Killer Bee™™MF103 Ram Air Induction
The MF103 is our Plug and Play induction system for the LS3 and LS7. It is designed to require no additional tuning, but if you tune your car, expect 31 to 35 RWHP total with the MF103R.
Halltech's Halltech Killer Bee™ MF103 2005-2007 C6 LS2 Conversion Package will provide airflow to 950 HP on the Z06, so it may be overkill for the average LS2.  The package includes the all new Killer Bee™ MF103 Cold Air Induction System designed for the Z06, and includes the probe style LS3 style probe MAF sensor, Halltech MAF Adapter Hi-Density Small 5 pin to GT for the connectors 9108125, and the Halltech Beehive™ heat shield.  This package has been on our company LS2 for many years, and over 40,000 miles, drag testing and road racing.  It WORKS!  This intake conversion TO THE LS7 MAF REQUIRES MAF TABLE CONVERSION.  They may need to be tweaked a bit, but you will get the car running with our MAF calibration tables.  Testimonial: AWESOME GAINS!!!! March 18, 2011
Reviewer: Nezzy from Omaha, NE United States
I installed the Killer Bee II set-up on my 07 stock C6 and it turned my car into a monster!  Worth every penny, especially the tune!  Jim helped with any questions we had and updated my tune when I installed headers!!!!  Our new package upgrades you to the Killer Bee MF103.  This system does not have the CA CARB certificate.

THIS IS THE REAL CARBON Z06. Carbon Fiber Revolution CR-9 wheels, $120,000 with the wheels included. Soon to be featured in Corvette Magazine! All carbon fiber body, except for the doors and fascia, this is the ultimate street machine and track attack machine. The AC is still onboard! Driven 330 miles to the 2014 Track Attack, and home again with e85 fuel it took only 1/2 tank to get 165 miles. Halltech ULZ700 Carbon-Katech 607 RWHP/535lb-ft torque, 430 c.i.d. engine has only 1000 miles on it. Halltech's 700 HP, 2785lb (w/ the carbon fiber rear wing) (3.98lbs/hp) Ultralight Z06 Carbon destroys any and all comers . It dominates the road, literally, with a weight/power ratio that is rivaled by only the million dollar exotics, and this grocery getter is track or street ready. You will find carbon fiber everywhere from the Halltech GT2 DRED hood, to the Katech rear deck/Lexan window and front fenders, rear quarter panels, rear wing, driveshaft, engine bay, roof and B-pillar and complete Katech Aero package. The doors and fascia front and rear are the only SMC/plastic survivors. Carbon Revolution 1 piece carbon fiber (CRFP) wheels are the first ever on a Corvette shaving another 50lbs of rotating unsprung weight off. Halltech's ULZ700 was the first e85 motor built by Katech for the street, and was designed by Jim Hall, to his exact specs. ZR1 carbon ceramic brakes, with titanium fasteners were done 2 years before the GM Carbon car was released, showing the world it could be done. email jim@halltechsystems.com for a full list of modifications on this Ultralight Z06. Track proven by John Heinricy and Johnny O'Connell, at the Joliet Autobahn in 2013 and 2014 respectively. This car is scary fast, and cannot be driven safely on the street without years of experience. Halltech's full ram air Super Bee CF112 induction system, adds 50 HP combined with a FAST LSXR intake, and Williams 102mm Throttle body. It even outflowed the Harrop ITB intake manifold in back to back dyno testing at Katech. Johnny O'Connell drove the ULZ700 at the Joliet Autobahn 2014 Katech Track Attack and said this: "I've driven lots of Corvettes over the years, but one that really stands out is that which is owned by Jim Hall. Every aspect of the car screams performance, and does so in a truly civilized manner. Extensive commitment to losing weight, combined with big horsepower and a very balanced chassis make it one of the best street Corvettes I've ever had the pleasure to drive..."Specs:

Halltech 2008 Corvette ULZ700 CARBON

3.95lbs/hp 2785lbs/704HP/630lb-ft

E85 fuel(pump) or Race Fuel

Katech #39 Engine Build:

Katech K501 Cam

Trend Chrome Moly pushrods

CHE bronze sleeved rocker arms

PSI Beehive springs, with Katech Titanium Retainers

Katech Titanium Moly Intake valves, and Titanium Moly Exhaust valves

Katech Forged 2618T6 Pistons with DLC wrist pins (4.130” bore-429 c.i.d.)

Katech bronze small end Titanium rods, with H11 Tool Steel bolts

Katech Hot Honed Case with oil squirters to the piston bottoms

Katech C5R Heavy Duty cam chain

Katech Oil Pump

Cadillac Racing style HP lifters w/ ceramic check valve

Katech Carbon Fiber valve covers

Katech black anodized fuel rails with Nomex lines

Iridium spark plugs

Katech C6.RS Anodized Coil relocation kit

ARP Chrome Moly head studs, case studs

Titanium bolts throughout the engine (alternator, header studs, starter, Ti 14mm mounting bolts

For the Brembo calipers

Halltech Super Bee CF112 Ram Air induction with modified NACA duct, Carbon fiber bezel

Halltech Super Beehive Carbon

65lb/hr FAST injectors

Paint matched LSXR Intake manifold

Williams Performance 102mm Throttle body

Kooks Headers

Akrapovic Titanium mid pipe and cat back Titanium exhaust system/ with remote control

Carbon Fiber Drive shaft

Aluminum honeycomb Tunnel plate with titanium screws

Pfadt Coil-Over Suspension with Race anti-sway bars

Pfadt Engine and Transmission Mounts/ARP front wheel studs

OS Giken Triple Clutch 28lbs

Tick Master Cylinder

Tilton Slave with Katech upgrade

Ram clutch pedal engagement adjuster

SKF Corvette Racing Wheel Hubs

Carbon Revolution CR-9 wheels with PSC tires

Tikore Titanium lugs with security setup

ZR1 Carbon Ceramic Brakes (first Z06 ever fitted with them)

Katech Carbon Fiber Aero package with Halltech Carbon fiber rear diverter

Braille GU1R Lithium Ion Battery (6.6lbs)

Halltech Titanium Front Fascia Lift Kit

Caravaggio Race Seats

Caravaggio D steering wheel

Carbon Fiber Body:

GM ZR1 Carbon fiber roof

GM ZR1 Carbon fiber B-Pillar

Halltech Carbon Fiber Rear quarter panels

GM Carbon Fiber front fenders

ZR1 Rear spoiler paint matched

Katech Carbon fiber deck with Lexan Window (has a small crack at one bolt hole)

Halltech GT2 Carbon Fiber Show quality DRED hood

Halltech Carbon Fiber front fender ducts, Rear brake ducts

GTC-250 Carbon Fiber Wing

Pennzoil Ultra Synthetic Oil 5W40 Euro, changed once a year