Halltech C7 Z06 Stinger-RZ CAI
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Halltech MF108 breaks into the 9s

Halltech Stinger CKNZ
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Halltech's Stinger CKNZ helps Vengeance Racing score a world record dyno pull:

Halltech's 2015 C7 Z06 - Stinger-CKNZ no tuning. +36 RWHP/30lb-ft vs. stock (stock file not shown)

2015 Z06- Chassis dyno no tuning: +45 RWHP/53 lb-ft vs. stock

2015 Z06-Chassis dyno no tuning +46 RWHP/38 lb-ft vs. stock

2015 Z06: +51.3 /24 lb-ft vs. stock. No tuning:

2015 Z06-No tuning +51.6 RWHP/25 lb-ft torque vs. stock

2015 Z06 LT4 on the engine dyno in Germany: +60 HP vs. Stock. No tuning at all.
Repeated dyno on the chassis dyno, in situate on the Z06- +54 RWHP

Halltech Killer Bee MF103 on the engine dyno at Katech:
Halltech Record Naturally Aspirated Dyno pull with the Killer Bee MF108:

Same engine as above on the chassis dyno 632.80 RWHP/546lbs-ft:

Halltech C7 Stinger-Hybrid vs. OEM +13.5 RWHP/14.3lb-ft

Halltech C7 StingerCKN vs. OEM on the Katech Engine dyno +13HP/9lb-ft

Halltech C7 StingerCKN prototype A (green); then prototype A with dyno
headers (black); and then Halltech prototype B (red) +25 HP of which 10 was headers.
Engine dyno cell 2. Blue baseline OEM engine, intake, full exhaust.

Halltech C7 Production StingerCKN with dyno headers, Katech cam,
+101HP/51lb-ft. Production StingerCKN & larger injectors added +10 more hp
+10 more lb-ft torque. Estimated +15 HP from the StingerCKN

Hallech e85 ULZ700 dyno; Super Bee CF112 606.42 RWHP/535 lb-ft Tq

Halltech/Pratt and Miller C6.RS Carbon Fiber Cold Air Induction, LPE front ported snout, cam, heads: 902 RWHP:

Halltech Super Bee MF103 Dynos just keep coming in. Bone stock Z06 OEM stock intake
vs MF103:

MF103 With cam and headers:

New Katech Performance Record Dyno with the Super Bee CF112 Onboard. New dyno
with higher octane fuel set a 605 RWHP Record.

Super Bee MF107R plus Tuning

New Record Super Bee CF112 dyno numbers done by Performance:

This is the Very first Halltech Super Bee Carbon Fiber CF112 dyno done March 6th, 2010.
This was a brand new straight off the carrier 2010 Z06 with 10 miles. Factory stock vs.
one mod. The Halltech
Super Bee CF112 requires re-calibration of the MAF tables for
proper operation. This is not optional. The results speak for themselves: +33 RWHP
17 lbs-ft torque with a simple bolt on 15 minute mod. Don't believe it? Wait until you
see tuners that have higher Octane than this one did. They were stuck with 91 Octane!

The dynos keep coming in on the Halltech Camaro Yellow Jacket CAI. Here is before and after with just our Yellow Jacket and AHR Long Tubes, cats, and exhaust:

This came in from a Chevrolet Dealer who installed our Yellow Jacket on a Camaro with
a Magnuson TVS2300 SC:

How does the Halltech Yellow Jacket perform in a Camaro with cam and headers?

+34 RWHP

Bolt on power that will Buzz the competition. Imagine the Killer Bee®, headers, and e-mailTune® giving you this wheel horsepower and torque:

Livernois Motorsports builds their Monster Motors with one induction system.
The Halltech Killer Bee®. 630 RWHP is 690 Horsepower at the crank:

This dyno shows the new Halltech Super Bee 85 Katech motor which runs on E85 or gas. It
is compared to the Katech Street Attack package here. It runs 13:1 compression vs. 11:1, but
sports the Torquer cam on a 116 Lobe Separation Angle vs. the 110 LSA of the Torquer. All
other cam specs are the same. Note the lower torque and hp until 5500 rpm. Better low rpm
timing would bring much more power to this package. The Super Bee 85 was then dynoed with
the new LSXR FAST intake manifold. 636HP/ 578 lbs-ft Torque. What an awesome package.
This platform is Supercharger ready or turbocharger ready. (Low Boost Application)

This dyno was done independently by East Coast Superchargers on a bone stock C5 LS1 6
speed. The Halltech C5 Venom was the only mod done for this dyno. Quote from GM High
Tech and Performance Magazine: "The Halltech intake produced as promised, and then some-
311 hp and 339 lbs-ft of torque. That's a gain of 36.5 HP and 23.4 lbs-ft"

The dyno below was done by Jim Hall at the Donaldson facility in MN. There were no mods
onboard for the first dyno done (bone stock in 2005) compared with the e-mailTune& tune
done in MN. 477 RWHP with tuning alone. Stock filter was used in all dyno testing.

Dyno testing at the Katech Engine Development facility sports the Killer Bee on all dyno

Just in! Our first dyno with the Killer Bee and Beehive. Other mods were ported throttle body and intake manifold, headers. Tom Wong tuning:

Another Killer Bee and Beehive, with tuning dyno:

Here is an LS3 Dyno with the Killer Bee RAIS (Ram Air Induction System) and tuning-
435 RWHP/441 Ft. lbs. torque

Chassis Dynos are pretty inaccurate and may misrepresent real horsepower and torque gains, which is why Halltech let's unbiased professionals, like Katech Engine Development do the dyno testing on their Superflow Engine dynos. The same dyno used by GM and GM Racing to components, where a clean room, constant fuel pressure, water temps, oil temps, barometric pressure, and clean dry air is used for every pull. This is the only type of validation Halltech needs to prove our claimed power gains.

Chassis dynos are good tools for tuning, but end up promoting a specific product where the company doing the dyno is validating their own product. Not very objective. The numbers become someone's bragging rights or marketing hype to promote a specific product. If you believe the chat on the forums, there is the horrible "Vette Tax" associated with the Corvette, which, it turns out, that if you end up having to replace your intake due to poor design, you must question who is really paying the"Vette Tax"? Click on the Katech icon above for the real dyno numbers, done by the company that dynos all of GMs GEN IV engines and tests and build GM Racing engines for the famous C6.R race cars. This engine dyno was done in A-B-A scientific method, with no changes in tuning or anything else. Just swapping the stock GM LS7 intake with the Halltech Killer Bee
AAIS. +12 HP and +11 ft. lbs torque was the result, which is why Katech Engine Development endorses and sells the Halltech Killer Bee™ AAIS on all their Street Attack and Track Attack Packages. Link to Katech's Street Attack and Track Attack Packages

The Real Dyno Results Halltech Killer Bee AAIS vs. K&N.

Still running the Halltech F1 Filter? Don't. Here are the results of the F1 vs. our new Killer Bee, done 10 minutes apart:

New dyno#s with Killer Bee AAIS & Tune.I'm impressed! 570rwh/513rwt.. We re-dynoed my red(track car)Z this morning. This car is one of the good running ones to start with, always been stronger than my blk Z. Now I have to work on the blk one some more . The only change from my last dyno was the addition of the "Killer Bee " intake/maf and a small retune. The air intake temp was 102 and in the dyno room it was 90. I also dynoed it with my HREs vs my stock wheels from last time. We did a direct before and after. Both cars have the same combination, cam, headers, port matched intake and tune. The red Z has no cats and the Killer Bee AAIS and vette-air. Tuning done by Carlos:

Here are the results of Jim's Killer Bee Attack Stage 1, with Kooks Headers onboard. The important thing here is the air-fuel ratio changes Jim did while the car was on the dyno 1000 miles away through our exclusive emailTUNE® . Jim was asked to progressively lean this tune out until the air fuel ratio was around 13.2:1. The incredible power result can be seen here. So much for having the tuner at the dyno for perfect results. Click on dyno for larger picture:

How about a dyno from our competition. You cannot get more independent than to dyno your Killer Bee Attack package at a shop that does not sell our products, right? In fact, the Vette Doctors, are one the the premier engine builders and tuners in the country, but the have never purchased anything from Halltech and install intakes by our competition. They dynoed our customer's car with just our Killer Bee AAIS and our emailTUNE®.. That's it. The dyno numbers are just short of astounding. Honestly, these numbers are higher than one could normally expect with our Stage 1.

Take it to the max. Dynos near 600 RWHP are coming in weekly now, with the Killer Bee AAIS swarming the air into the LS7 monster motor:

Here is another Killer Bee Attack Stage 1 (gutted cats, which we do not recommend):

Halltech's SBE85 Katech Motor: