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Halltech Nomex Cloth Sock 17"

Halltech Black Nomex®-IIIA Cloth Sock 17" to completely insulate your Halltech Stinger-RZ intake tube;

This product works as advertised. 30 minutes of normal driving, and one hot run to 130 mph (70 ambient) saw 70 degree IATs during the whole test, except after the 130 mph test, with a 60 second idle directly after. IATs went up to 78F, or +8 degrees over ambient, then went back down to 72F after 1 more block of driving.
Halltech 4.5" X 4.150" WP102 Throttle Body Connector Hose

Nick Williams Performance 4.5" X 4.150" X 2.4" WP 102 Throttle Body Connector Hose is our proprietary 4 ply black silicone hose made to couple the Halltech Super Bee to the Nick Williams 102 Throttle Body.  This hose is 4.5" at the large end for our SB, and 4.15" at the small end to fit tightly over the Williams Throttle Body.  If you anticipate putting the larger throttle body on your motor at a later date, or have already, you will need this hose to make it all work.  Please indicate in  if you require the PCV nipple hole.
Halltech 4.5" X 4.00" Stock C6 Throttle Body Connector Hose to Super Bee

This is the stock throttle body (LS7/LS3) to Super Bee (4.5" i.d.) silicone connector hose.  The dimensions are 4.5"X4.00"X3.1" length.  Black Silicone rubber.  Comes with a small hole for the PCV nipple.  If you prefer no hole, please specify.
Halltech Super Bee™ Replacement Filter 4.5" flange

Super Bee Replacement Filter 4.5" flange.  This is our current Queen Bee Extreme High Flow filter made exclusively by Halltech.   It fits the Super Bee MF103/MF107R/CF102/CF112 intake systems, the Killer Bee II, C5 Venom II and C6 Venom II.  It will not fit the 1st Gen Killer Bee, which had a smaller 4" inlet.  No returns on filters.  This filter will not fit other intake systems, of this we are sure.  This filter has filtered air for a 9.97 @ 137.74 mph 1/4 mile run on a bolt on only Z06, a 9.97 139 mph run on a cam and heads Z06, and a 10.67 129mph run on a C6 base LS3 with bolt ons and cam only.  It will flow enough air for any n/a applicaton to 1000 HP.  Sold only to Halltech customers as a replacement for the Killer Bee II or Super Bee intake.
Halltech Beehive™ Heat Shield

Fits all C6 Corvettes!  2005-2010.  Make a "Beeline" down the 1/4 mile with Halltech's Beehive™ Heat Shield Cold Air Induction. Featuring easy pop-in installation, black OEM finish and very minor cutting, this simple add-on mod will bring another 15 HP to your Z06 or C6 when on the road or track by keeping hot engine heat out of the intake. Halltech's all new Beehive™ Ram Air Induction is a simple heat-shield designed to isolate the Super Bee™ filter from underhood heat, but also rams massive amounts of cold dense air into the Beehive™ filter through two optional cutouts on the lower radiator deflector shield that will feed cold air to the sides of the Super Bee™ filter.  The stock Z06 NACA duct feeds the top of the filter, which for those that prefer not to cut their radiator shroud, will be sufficient to bring cold air into the Beehive™.  Bee Cool!
Halltech Killer Bee™™MF103 Ram Air Induction
Halltech Killer Bee™ MF103 Cold Air Induction Black

The MF103 is our Plug and Play induction system for the LS3 and LS7. It is designed to require no additional tuning, but if you tune your car, expect 31 to 35 RWHP total with the MF103R.
Halltech Killer Bee™ MF108 Ram Air Induction C6 Z06 LS7 (06-13)
Halltech Super Bee CF112 Package

NEW WORLD RECORD BOLT ON ONLY Z06 DRIVEN BY GARY HILLEN RUNS 9.97@137.72 mph 1/4 mile with the Halltech Killer Bee™ MF108R onboard.  Gary's previous record of 10.10 was run with the Halltech Killer Bee onboard.  The Killer Bee™ MF108R requires TUNING (MAF table recal).   The MF108R has better than stock LS3 idle manners due to the MAF forward design and integrated velocity stack built into the filter flange.   How does it perform on an LS3?  How about 10.67 @129!  Cam and bolt ons only.

This cold air intake system is as close to ram air as you can get, and does not require MAF or other recalibration that is necessary with most other intakes.