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Halltech Black Nomex®-IIIA Cloth Sock 17" to completely insulate your Halltech Stinger-RZ intake tube;

This product works as advertised. 30 minutes of normal driving, and one hot run to 130 mph (70 ambient) saw 70 degree IATs during the whole test, except after the 130 mph test, with a 60 second idle directly after. IATs went up to 78F, or +8 degrees over ambient, then went back down to 72F after 1 more block of driving.
Nick Williams Performance 4.5" X 4.150" X 2.4" WP 102 Throttle Body Connector Hose is our proprietary 4 ply black silicone hose made to couple the Halltech Super Bee to the Nick Williams 102 Throttle Body.  This hose is 4.5" at the large end for our SB, and 4.15" at the small end to fit tightly over the Williams Throttle Body.  If you anticipate putting the larger throttle body on your motor at a later date, or have already, you will need this hose to make it all work.  Please indicate in  if you require the PCV nipple hole.
This is the stock throttle body (LS7/LS3) to Super Bee (4.5" i.d.) silicone connector hose.  The dimensions are 4.5"X4.00"X3.1" length.  Black Silicone rubber.  Comes with a small hole for the PCV nipple.  If you prefer no hole, please specify.
Halltech Honeycomb 1/8" Cell Laminar Flow Straightener is a direct 1 minute plug and play high flow straightener designed for the C5 Corvette style Delphi MAF meter; It also fits the 2005-2007 C6 base car LS2 (not the LS7). This unit will eliminate lean codes on the 2001-2004 C5 Z06 in all aftermarket intake applications. It can also replace the 1/16" honeycell on the LS1-LS2 MAF, which is very restrictive. (See Larger Pics section) These aluminum honeycomb screens are very fragile and cannot be returned.
Interestingly, this eliminates lean codes on many intakes made by Vararam, and other turbulent bottom breathers. The two MAFs shown in the picture are for illustration of stock vs. our honeycomb flow straightener. You are purchasing only the honeycomb and using your stock MAF meter.
Camaro ZL1
K&N High Flow Filter for the 2010-2014 Camaro SS, Camaro ZL1, V-6 Standard Camaro. Panel filter; H-1 5/8 in.; L-11 5/8 in.; W-9 1/8 in. Air Intake LS, LT, SS, ZL1, 3.6L, 6.2L, V6, V8 10-14 Drop in, no tuning required. 7 RWHP. K&N's replacement air filters are designed to increase horsepower and acceleration while providing excellent filtration. We make over 1,200 different replacement air filters for virtually every vehicle on the road. These filters are washable and reusable and are custom designed to fit into your existing factory air box. Their drop-in design means adding performance is simple. With most vehicles you simply remove the disposable air filter and replace it with a K&N. See applicable instruction sheet for details.
2009-2013 CTS-V drop in K&N filter-IN STOCK
Proprietary MAF extension for the Halltech Killer Bee Induction
This GM OEM Radiator Surge Tank Overflow hard line is the replacement stock unit.  Some folks have asked that we sell this part so that in the event they choose to return to stock in the future, this line is the factory unit.  Another option is to order this line with your Stinger-RZ with the bypass line already installed on the unit, ready to go.  This will save the average mechanic 20 minutes of cutting and assembly time.
Coming Spring of 2018
Halltech Stinger 689 cfm Super Filter for the C7 StingerCKN, Hybrid, and Camaro Yellow Jacket intakes.  Super Flow bench testing by K&N engineering for Halltech.
Halltech Stinger 689 cfm Super Filter for the C7 StingerCKN, Hybrid, and Camaro Yellow Jacket intakes.  Super Flow bench testing by K&N engineering for Halltech.
Halltech Black Bee Filter is our 4" i.d. flange filter with the bellmouth inlet for smoother airflow.
Super Bee Replacement Filter 4.5" flange.  This is our current Queen Bee Extreme High Flow filter made exclusively by Halltech.   It fits the Super Bee MF103/MF107R/CF102/CF112 intake systems, the Killer Bee II, C5 Venom II and C6 Venom II.  It will not fit the 1st Gen Killer Bee, which had a smaller 4" inlet.  No returns on filters.  This filter will not fit other intake systems, of this we are sure.  This filter has filtered air for a 9.97 @ 137.74 mph 1/4 mile run on a bolt on only Z06, a 9.97 139 mph run on a cam and heads Z06, and a 10.67 129mph run on a C6 base LS3 with bolt ons and cam only.  It will flow enough air for any n/a applicaton to 1000 HP.  Sold only to Halltech customers as a replacement for the Killer Bee II or Super Bee intake.
Fits all C6 Corvettes!  2005-2010.  Make a "Beeline" down the 1/4 mile with Halltech's Beehive™ Heat Shield Cold Air Induction. Featuring easy pop-in installation, black OEM finish and very minor cutting, this simple add-on mod will bring another 15 HP to your Z06 or C6 when on the road or track by keeping hot engine heat out of the intake. Halltech's all new Beehive™ Ram Air Induction is a simple heat-shield designed to isolate the Super Bee™ filter from underhood heat, but also rams massive amounts of cold dense air into the Beehive™ filter through two optional cutouts on the lower radiator deflector shield that will feed cold air to the sides of the Super Bee™ filter.  The stock Z06 NACA duct feeds the top of the filter, which for those that prefer not to cut their radiator shroud, will be sufficient to bring cold air into the Beehive™.  Bee Cool!

Honda CBX 1147cc Big Bore Kit +15 HP (10.5:1 CR) +15 HP 20 ft.lbs vs. stock

Piston Type: Cast
Number of Cylinders: 6
Bore - Standard: 64.50mm
Bore - Actual: 67.50mm
Bore - Oversize: 3.0mm
Displacement - Standard: 1047cc
Displacement - Actual: 1147cc
Stroke: 53.40mm
Compression Ratio: 9.3:1 

Tested by Halltech Systems in our shop-You need the high performance titanium exhaust and Keihin CR Carbs to obtain big hp numbers.
Carbs and Titanium 6 into 1 (no baffle style) 130 HP

This is the best modification you can add to your C7 Z06 to increase boost, thereby increasing horsepower. Preliminary track testing has shown that at 88 mph in second gear, you can expect 11.4 PSI boost and at 124 mph 12.1 PSI boost (Intake Air Temps are in parity with Ambient ). This is due in part to the high flow filter utilized on our Stinger-RZ, worth 50 RWHP on its own. The TRIC brings huge volumes ofr cold dense air directly into the F-panel cavity where otherwise the stock system uses vacuum to draw air from the bottom of the front end. We effectively steal the airflow that the factory directs at the front right rotor for road racing. Our TRIC system will allow you to still utilize that airflow, but it will divert a large amount of the airflow into the airbox. For high boost application, we would keep the rotor duct blocked off. We have not tested this system in road racing yet to see the effect of this airflow diversion on the right rotor cooling, so if you road race, you might want to pass on this mod. Rain is an absolute no with ram air systems. If you live in areas where it rains a lot. Just pass on this mod. Car Washes have the same issues.

Some stats: IAT 1 runs in parity with the Ambient temps most of the time. degrees more than ambient. IAT2 +15 degrees. Very minimal knock retard was seen in our testing, even at 12.1 PSI at 125 mph. Our Z06 is completely stock, using pump 93 Octane, and has 7000 miles on our Stinger-RZ. We will ship according to your order date. Shipping charges are calculated to provide a smooth fulfillment of this product. Anyone changing their mind will get a full refund less 3% for our Merchant Services cost prior to shipping.

Update. Halltech will soon have a plug for the front of the TRIC that will allow you to plug the entrance to the TRIC during car wash time or if you were to get caught in the rain. The rear of the TRIC will be open from the factory, with an optional plate that will stop airflow to the front rotor, in lieu of ram air to the airbox. Coming in September.
2010-2013 Camaro Intake
Halltech's Yellow Jacket™ One Piece Cold Air Induction System is the hottest mod you can add to your 2010-2014 Camaro SS.   Dyno tested, we increased the stock Camaro by 15HP/9lbs-ft. Torque.  Adding headers too?  A dyno done by a customer showed gains of 40 RWHP with only the Halltech Yellow Jacket™ and American Racing Headers/cats onboard.   Halltech has built World Class induction systems for Katech Engine Development for over 15 years.  INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS
Halltech's C5 Venom™ II, cut from the cloth of the all new Killer Bee™ II Z06 Cold Air Induction System this second generation intake flows more air than any induction system on the market.  It utilizes the stock Mass Air Flow sensor for easy installation and seamless smooth response on the street or at the track.  Starting with the Super Bee™ II 15" wide Halltech filter with a built in velocity stack flange, the actual changes to our mold design have increased flow to the throttle body.  The filter is designed by Halltech but made by K&N exclusively for Halltech's Super Bee™ II  The bridge is also made from the new KB II mold which dynoed over 13 HP on the Katech Engine Dyno.  Fits 2001-2004 Corvette C5 LS1 and LS6.  The MAF sensor shown is not included, but we do provide our laminar flow screen with higher flow than the stock LS1 screen.  Use your stock MAF, elbow for the A.I.R. pump and wire harness.
Halltech Killer Bee™™MF103 Ram Air Induction
The MF103 is our Plug and Play induction system for the LS3 and LS7. It is designed to require no additional tuning, but if you tune your car, expect 31 to 35 RWHP total with the MF103R.
Halltech C6 Venom
Halltech C6 Venom™ II is the direct replacement for the stock LS2 intake box.  Bolt on 15 RWHP/12 lbs ft torque with our all new design.  Now with a larger 106.7mm inlet and built in velocity stack, no other bolt on will make more power.  This intake is made from the same mold as the Killer Bee™ II that dynoed +15 HP/+14lbs-ft. on the Katech Engine Development Superflow dyno.  The same huge high flow K&N Filter will flow over 1250 cfm, and feeds over 900 HP easily.  This system uses the stock wiring, and MAF sensor for direct bolt on power that will not void your warranty.  The Halltech Beehive is included in our pricing.  We now include our HC.125 honeycomb flow straightener with your purchase.  No tuning required.  MAF sensor not included.  Not CARB legal.
C5 Killer Bee™ Conversion Package
Halltech C5 Killer Bee™ Conversion Package:
Halltech High Flow Killer Bee™ II induction intake
Halltech Super Bee 15" 950 cfm filter with velocity stack
Provision for your A.I.R. Pump if required (default is delete)
Adapter Hi-Density Small 5 pin to GT Pigtail
GM new MAF sensor (probe style from the LS7/LS3)
Halltech tested MAF tables for the ECM- Please email jim@halltechsystems.com for the Excel tables
Test results
Facts: expect to gain +24 HP (see attached dyno) vs. the stock intake and +12 RWHP over the Vararam (see dyno) The Halltech Killer Bee™ II 2001-2004 C6 LS1/LS6 Conversion Package will provide airflow to 800 HP on the LS6/LS1, so it may be overkill for the average LS6. The package includes the all new C5 Killer Bee™ II Cold Air Induction System designed originally for the C6Z06, and includes the MAF Adapter Hi-Density Small 5 pin to GT Pigtail and the Delphi LS7 MAF sensor, Reprogramming the MAF curve is not optional since the new probe style MAF requires a totally different curve. We will make the Lingenfelter MAF transfer curve tables available free of charge. They may need to be tweaked a bit, but you will get the car running with our MAF calibration tables. Hib Halverson article: http://forums.corvetteforum.com/c5-z06-discussion...
Halltech's 2014-2016 Corvette Stingray cold air intake.

Halltech 2015 C7Z06 Corvette  Stinger-RZ™ XLPE composite
Halltech's 2015 Corvette C7 Z06 Stinger-RZ will put you in the winner's circle. 1/4 mile e.t. improvement= .41 seconds; 1/4 mile trap speed improvement=6 mph! Dyno tests have shown between 38 and 52 RWHP with no tuning. Two recent dynos at A&A Corvette (91 Octane-A8s) reported 44 RWHP/41 lb-ft and 50 RWHP and 43 lb-ft with the stock ECM parameters, i.e. no tuning. The ST689 filter is installed on all orders. Our dry filter is optional (ST589) Our Nomex Sock heat shielding is optional for $45.00 (product code Nomex). Just in: Halltech's Stinger-RZ runs a 10.77 @ 128 mph! Our customer previously ran an 11.16 @ 122 mph showroom stock. The DA was 2400' on the before and after 1/4 mile pass.
Halltech's Halltech Killer Bee™ MF103 2005-2007 C6 LS2 Conversion Package will provide airflow to 950 HP on the Z06, so it may be overkill for the average LS2.  The package includes the all new Killer Bee™ MF103 Cold Air Induction System designed for the Z06, and includes the probe style LS3 style probe MAF sensor, Halltech MAF Adapter Hi-Density Small 5 pin to GT for the connectors 9108125, and the Halltech Beehive™ heat shield.  This package has been on our company LS2 for many years, and over 40,000 miles, drag testing and road racing.  It WORKS!  This intake conversion TO THE LS7 MAF REQUIRES MAF TABLE CONVERSION.  They may need to be tweaked a bit, but you will get the car running with our MAF calibration tables.  Testimonial: AWESOME GAINS!!!! March 18, 2011
Reviewer: Nezzy from Omaha, NE United States
I installed the Killer Bee II set-up on my 07 stock C6 and it turned my car into a monster!  Worth every penny, especially the tune!  Jim helped with any questions we had and updated my tune when I installed headers!!!!  Our new package upgrades you to the Killer Bee MF103.  This system does not have the CA CARB certificate.
Halltech Killer Bee™ MF108 Ram Air Induction C6 Z06 LS7 (06-13)
NEW WORLD RECORD BOLT ON ONLY Z06 DRIVEN BY GARY HILLEN RUNS 9.97@137.72 mph 1/4 mile with the Halltech Killer Bee™ MF108R onboard.  Gary's previous record of 10.10 was run with the Halltech Killer Bee onboard.  The Killer Bee™ MF108R requires TUNING (MAF table recal).   The MF108R has better than stock LS3 idle manners due to the MAF forward design and integrated velocity stack built into the filter flange.   How does it perform on an LS3?  How about 10.67 @129!  Cam and bolt ons only.

This cold air intake system is as close to ram air as you can get, and does not require MAF or other recalibration that is necessary with most other intakes.
Halltech™ 2015 C7Z06 Corvette  Stinger-RZ™ XLPE composite
Halltech 2015-16 Corvette C7 Z06 Stinger-RAZ™ Package combines our Stinger-RZ intake system, Nomex II1a heat shield sock, and the all new TRIC Ram Air Induction system.
Halltech 2015 C7Z06 Corvette  Stinger™ CFV
2015 Corvette C7 Z06 Stinger™ CFV Cold Air Induction System. 100% carbon fiber. No fiberglass fill. Clear coated for Show Quality finish.

It is heavily popular among the race teams all over the world.
Thickness of titanium: 0.7 mm
Weight: approx. 7.8lbs total weight
Increase hp and torque
+10 HP 10 lbs-ft. vs. stock
Easy to install, all titanium parts are in this package*

Fits: 1978-1982 Honda CBX1047
Standard type is made for stock foot pegs.
Sound volume: 98 db (with inner baffle), 118 db (without inner baffle)
30 lbs. lighter than the stock exhaust system
Lowers the center of gravity for better cornering
Never rusts (titanium will change colors depending on the amount of heat
Tested by Halltech Systems in our shop

*Except for mounting hardware

High Performance Keihin Flatslide CR 33mm Carbs (Stock carbs are 28mm)
FRC33 Keihin Carburetors. Fits: 1978-1982 Honda CBX1047
+15 HP 20 ft.lbs vs. stock
Tested by Halltech Systems in our shop-You need the high performance titanium exhaust to obtain big hp numbers.
Carbs and Titanium 6 into 1 (no baffle style) 126 HP